6 Ways Through Which Blog Strategy Helps Your Business

Planning well in advance is always best to avoid last-minute chaos. Similarly, when you have a well-defined blog strategy, it can have several benefits for your business. We will read a few ways a blog can help your business.

A well-written blog always leads to engagement and ultimately leads to sales. If you are still thinking about how a simple blog strategy will help your business, keep reading to know more. There are several benefits of having a proper blog strategy. 

Before starting your blog strategy, it’s crucial to keep these key tips in mind.

  • Design a proper blog according to your brand niche
  • Define your audience
  • Set your goals
  • Plan your content calendar carefully
  • Do a good keyword research
  • Be consistent with your blog posts
  • Most importantly – Focus on Quality!
  • Add a proper CTA.

How does blog strategy help your business?

A blog strategy can be valuable for enhancing your business’s online presence and reaching potential customers. Check how it will help you grow as a brand.

  1. Increase traffic to your website: Regularly publishing high-quality content on your blog can help drive traffic. It can increase your online visibility and attract potential customers to your business.
  2. Raise brand awareness: A dedicated blog on your website allows you to promote your services. It helps you advertise your services and raise brand awareness with a proper set of audience.
  3. Establish your brand as an expert: By sharing your knowledge and expertise through your blog, your business can add value to your industry, like establishing yourself as an industry expert and gaining credibility and respect. It can help build trust with your audience and increase your credibility.
  4. Improve your SEO: Search engines favor websites that regularly publish fresh, high-quality content. Optimizing your blog posts with appropriate keywords and meta descriptions can improve your search engine rankings and boost your online visibility.
  5. Engage with your audience: A blog provides a platform to interact with your audience and build a community around your brand. You can foster conversations and develop relationships with your readers by encouraging comments and feedback on your blog posts.
  6. Generate leads: Always add a proper CTA in your blog posts. You can encourage readers to take action and engage with your business. It can lead to increased conversions and generate new leads for your business.

Here are a few examples of businesses and brands that have successful blog strategies.

  • Moz is a software company that provides search engine optimization (SEO) tools and online marketing. Their blog covers topics related to SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing strategy to help brands grow exponentially.
  • SEMrush, a digital marketing platform, covers SEO, PPC advertising, and content marketing topics.
  • HubSpot is a well-known company that offers software for inbound marketing and sales. HubSpot’s blog covers marketing, sales, and customer service topics.
  • Shopify is an ecommerce platform. Their blog covers topics related to online marketing and ecommerce.
  • Neil Patel is a digital marketing consultant and educator. Neil Patel’s blog covers various digital marketing, SEO, and content strategy topics.
  • Buffer is a platform that helps businesses schedule and publish social media posts. Their blog covers topics related to social media marketing, including tips and best practices for creating effective social media content and engaging with followers.

Overall, a well-executed blog strategy can help your business increase its online visibility, establish its authority in the industry, and generate new leads. By creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content, your brand can build strong relationships with its target audience and drive business growth and success.

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5 Tips For An Outstanding Small Business Website (Pro Tips Included)

Ready to level up your small business?

Let’s start with your website.

Your website can showcase products or services, answer customer queries, and even sell goods in your sleep. According to statistics, 71% of small businesses have their own website. Plus, a website gives you that legit factor. People won’t trust you if your business doesn’t have a website. 

A small business website serves as the virtual face of your business. It can help you establish your business’s credibility, boost your brand awareness, and drive sales. In today’s digital age, having a small business website is no luxury but a necessity. So, let’s dive into how you can make your small business website rock!

Get personal

Share your WHY with the world. Use real photos of your team, and your office to give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Also, focus on your About Us page. Keep it simple with minimal text,  but stick to your brand’s aesthetics.

So, this is how you can get personal with your small business website.

Pro tip – If you keep a high-quality online presence, you will automatically attract eyeballs to your business website. You can do this by mastering any one or two social media platforms to keep the brand perception alive. 

Make it easy to find your business website

Start by claiming your business listings on Yelp and Google My Business. This will help Google understand where your business is located and improve your chances of appearing in local search results. You can optimize your business website by using relevant keywords and encouraging customers to leave online reviews. 

Pro tip- Verify your Google My Business page. Also, you can optimize it by including relevant information such as:

  • website URL 
  • phone number 
  • business hours 
  • photos of your business
  • brief description of your business 

This will help your potential customers to get a better idea of what you offer.

Build a mobile-friendly business website 

Does your website load quickly? 

Well, large images and videos can slow down your website’s load time on mobile devices. Make sure to use the right visuals and a responsive web design that automatically fits your mobile screen. It is also crucial to build an easy-to-navigate website making it easy for users to find out what they are looking for. 

Pro tip – Use tools like Google Analytics on your smartphone to monitor your website performance. It will help you to enhance your user experience. 


Have a strong call to action

If you want to convert visitors into customers, then having a strong call to action is non-negotiable. All you need to do is use action-oriented language such as Download Now or Subscribe Today to encourage visitors to take action. You can offer something of value in exchange for visitor’s actions such as:

  • free e-book
  • discount code
  • free consultation call 

Pro tip – Get contacted in one click! You can do this by adding click-to-call functionality to your website. 

Build Trust through testimonials 

Use real names, photos, and locations of your customers in your testimonials. Also, ensure your website features testimonials of customers with different backgrounds. It will show potential customers that your business is inclusive and can cater to a broad range of audiences. 

Pro tip – Embed video testimonials on your website to showcase customer experience and emotions. 

Also, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, remember to keep your website fresh with regular updates. Keep an eye on the latest trends and best practices in website design and optimization for your business.

By following these tips, you can create a small business website that rocks and helps you achieve your business goal.

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5 Must-have WordPress Plugins For Impressive Workflow

WordPress Plugins are the new elixir for the entire social media community. In fact, if you are a beginner, all these plugins are going to save you a lot of time and energy. So without further due, let’s dive right into some of the best WordPress plugins available in the market.

1. Elementor: The King of WordPress Plugins

Elementor is one of the worldly additions to our list of essential WordPress plugins, with over 5 million active installations. With the use of a visual page builder, you may create unique designs for your pages that are only loosely based on your current theme.

With a simple drag-and-drop, you can add all the wonderful effects that Elementor provides like background overlays, hover effects, animations, and more that don’t require you to be an expert in web development. Moreover, it works flawlessly with the other WordPress plugins on this list.

For individuals who want to design a stunning landing page for their company, Elementor is your saving grace. Additionally, it is a wonderful option for people who wish to have a bespoke design for a portion of their website but lack the funds to engage a developer to complete the work.

Key Features

  • 300+ templates available in the Elementor 
  • User-friendly with a simple drag-and-drop option
  • Ease of design execution


The main Elementor plugin is available for free in WordPress. You can unlock hundreds of features by using the premium versions: 

  • Essential – USD 59.00 per year for one site
  • Advanced – USD 99 per year for three sites
  • Expert – USD 199 per year for 25 sites
  • Agency – USD 399 per year for 1,000 sites

2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is one of the finest WordPress plugins for Google Analytics. You can track how users access and interact with your website as it enables you to proficiently link your website to Google Analytics. The standout feature is that it displays all the crucial statistics on your WordPress dashboard.

Following that, you can optimize your website to drive more website traffic, bring in more visitors, subscribers, enhance lead generation, and induce higher conversion rates and sales.

Although MonsterInsights has a free version, the premium version is miles ahead in terms of features. More than 3 million websites use MonsterInsights and so should you!

Key Features

  • Analyze content and pages to check for the best-performing ones and the ones that need improvement
  • Create a visitor persona
  • Analyze your visitors’ activity


The MonsterInsights WordPress plugin is free. If you wish to unlock more features, these are the available premium plans:

  • Plus – USD 99.50 per year
  • Pro – USD 199.50 per year
  • Agency – USD 399.50 per year

3. WPForms

A contact form is essential for every website since it makes it simple for users to get in touch with you. The most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress is WPForms.

Using just a few clicks, you can quickly create contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, payment forms, polls, surveys, and pretty much any other type of web form using its drag-and-drop form builder. To make your life simpler, WPForms provides over 500+ pre-built form templates.

WPForms offer seamless integration with all well-known marketing and payment systems, allowing you to create effective forms in under 5 minutes.

Key Features

  • Create a compelling contact form for free
  • Pre-built form templates 


WPForms Lite is available for free and works well for sites that want to use it on their contact page. A paid version by the name of WPForms Pro is available as well which unlocks more features and integrations and is priced at USD 49.50 per year.

4. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is one of the best WordPress plugins for automation. You may automate repetitive admin tasks to save time and money by connecting your existing WordPress plugins to operate together without developing any code.

It can be conveniently integrated with the majority of popular third-party platforms and WordPress plugins, allowing you to create automation recipes without having to hire a developer. On your WordPress website, you can easily construct cascading-type recipes without writing any code by selecting from more than 500 triggers and actions.

It facilitates connectivity between your WordPress plugins and other business tools so they may collaborate more effectively. An extremely useful feature of Uncanny Automator is the ability to connect two separate WordPress sites to work together without writing any code for online stores and membership sites.

Key Features

  • Connect your WordPress site to business apps like Google Sheets, Airtable, Slack, and Zoom
  • Trigger automation recipes with multiple plugins
  • Create WordPress buttons that can carry out various tasks, including creating user accounts automatically.


A free version of Uncanny Automator is available that comes with basic automation features.

It has 3 paid plans. Business and Agency plans have multi-site support. 

  • Pro is available at USD 149/year for a single site
  • Business is available at USD 250/year for 10 sites 
  • Agency is available at USD 399/year for 50 sites. 

5. Semrush 

Semrush is a comprehensive marketing toolkit for entrepreneurs and experts in digital marketing. It includes effective tools that can help you strengthen your SEO, paid traffic, social media, and content & PR strategies.

Additionally, it assists you in gathering competitive knowledge about your rivals so you can outperform them and thrive in your sector.

You can utilize Semrush for a variety of tasks, including keyword research, backlink analysis, brand mention tracking, competitor surveillance, finding top-performing social media posts and pages, ad strategy analysis, keyword rank tracking, and more.

Key Features


It has 3 paid plans:

  • Pro is available at USD 129.95/month which is suitable for small teams, 
  • Guru is available at USD 249.95/month which is suitable for agencies and medium size businesses
  • Business is available at USD 499.95/month which is suitable for large enterprises.  

You can also use its free version to try out the product. However, as a free user, you can create and manage only one Project and track 10 keywords in Position Tracking.

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Website Traffic? 6 Unique Ways to Increase it!

Building an online presence is effortless these days. However, every work needs time, expertise, consistency, and effort. A business website provides a platform for the end user to access and view your online presence quickly. Now when you own a website, it is crucial to attract visitors and increase website traffic. Several tools and platforms are available to help individuals and businesses establish an online presence.

To build a successful online presence, one must have a clear strategy, an understanding of their target audience, a well-designed website or platform, engaging and high-quality content, and a consistent and active social media presence, among other things. It requires constant effort, adaptability, and a willingness to learn and evolve with the constantly changing digital landscape.

Let’s understand these unique ways to increase website traffic.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the easiest way to add a new perspective to your website. Including guest authors specializing in different niches is an effective way to incorporate diverse topics on your website. Additionally, guest authors can share the link to your website with their readers, allowing for increased exposure and traffic to your website.

2. Website Optimization

A well-optimized website can help gain traffic! Optimizing your website using appropriate tools is essential to provide a seamless experience to new users. Some things to consider are meta tags, alt tags, high-quality images and content, and good website speed and design.

3. Shareable Content

Adding social media share buttons to your website effectively encourages visitors to share your content with their followers and networks. Furthermore, when visitors share your content on social media, it can drive more traffic to your website and improve your online visibility. It can lead to increased engagement, more followers, and, ultimately, more business success.

4. Run Ads to increase Website Traffic

Design a paid advertising campaign to attract potential visitors to your website. If you are new to this, consider utilizing Google Ads, as it offers a user-friendly platform for running effective ad campaigns with clear objectives. Running ads can be a great way to increase your website traffic and attract new visitors quickly. However, it’s essential to consider your ad strategy carefully, set clear goals, and monitor your results for desired output.

5. Link Building

One crucial aspect of website traffic is having high-quality backlinks. To improve your website’s backlink profile, it’s also essential to check your website for broken links and fix them. When there are broken links on your website, it can negatively impact user experience and also hurt your search engine rankings. By repairing broken links, you can improve your website’s user experience and ensure that search engines can crawl your website more effectively, which can help increase your website’s traffic over time.

6. Mobile Optimization

Prioritize mobile optimization as part of your overall website strategy to ensure your visitors have a seamless and enjoyable experience, regardless of the device they use to access your site. It ultimately results in a higher bounce rate and lower engagement. It can damage your search engine rankings and reduce your overall website traffic. Mobile optimization is vital to ensure that you reach the largest possible audience and maximize your website’s potential for success.

Building website traffic requires ongoing commitment and a strategic approach to attract and engage potential visitors. Still, by staying committed to your strategy and continuously improving your approach, you can achieve long-term success and reach your goals. Do you need help with website optimization or need help to gain traction on your website?

At Antriksh, we have a dedicated team of experts to help brands improve their online presence. Whether you need help with website optimization, graphic design, content creation, or other essential aspects of website management, we’ve got you covered. We offer custom-designed packages to your unique needs and goals. Let us discuss your exact requirements; contact us to book a free consultation session.

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6 Easy Ways By Which A Website Helps Your Business

Businesses worldwide have been pivoting towards a digital approach for quite some time now. An authentic business, these days, has some sort of a digital footprint. A website is a rudimentary part of the digital presence and is a vital cog in gaining momentum in the highly revolutionised digital world.

A brand’s web-site is a part of its identity, as it encompasses the brand style. Does that mean every business should have a website? Long story short, it isn’t a compulsion. But it is much more profitable to have one. Here’s why:

1. A Website Makes your Business look more legitimate and professional

Want to get an added edge in the business world? Making a web-site is the way to go! Customers are more likely to put their trust into credible businesses with certain certifications and a sense of validity than those without. Websites add this sense of validity to your business. Consider it as an online identity card for your business.


2. Creates a good impression on the Consumer

Having an attractive web-site draws the attention of many consumers and compels them to use your products and services. Satisfied customers and eager prospects are more likely to recommend your products or services to others which in turn helps spread the popularity of your business.

Moreover, enabling a seamless UI and UX design goes a long way. You’d want your customers to explore your offerings with utmost ease to have better lead conversion.


3. Easily accessible

In today’s rapidly changing, easily accessible world, everything is available at the consumer’s fingertips. Research shows that most customers purchase products and services online even before visiting the store in person or rather would like to explore your service & product details online before contacting a business. Another important application of your web-site is social media marketing. Linking your Facebook ads or your Instagram page to your websites helps drive a lot of traffic to your web-site and helps boost its popularity.

This also allows the user to explore all your online assets to better understand your product/service and check out your business journey.

4. Relatively affordable

Although slightly expensive to build in the beginning, websites give you a good return on your investment. In comparison to ads and social media, websites are more reliable. Once you’ve listed out all your core offerings, you won’t need to update it as frequently as your social media posts. This saves a lot of time and we all know the time value of money! They also create a sense of engagement and are easier to access than any other platform.

5. Helps in customer engagement

Business is not just about selling your products and services but also about communicating your goals, visions and purposes to your customer base. To do so, having a website is crucial. Research shows that 60% of the customers will interact with a business through its website if rightly built and maintained.


6. Gives customers access to information, help and customer service

Having an easily accessible web-site with all the relevant information makes things much easier for customers. With the help of a website, customers can also have easy access to help, and customer service thereby improving your ratings in the long run through web-site automation.

Although having a web-site gives your business an added edge, it is not advisable to create one in certain cases. In case you are just starting and are an early stage creator or a small business, it is a good idea to get some initial traction for your business through some solid groundwork and word-of-mouth before investing in a website.

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