3-Step Guide on Keyword Research with Bonus Tips and Tools


We have now entered 2023 with several marketing strategies. Some things remain the same, like keyword research’s importance before writing or posting content about anything online. Every good article you read online goes through an in-depth analysis and research. Some writers often prefer to read magazines or blogs. The process of writing a blog article involves different steps. However, the writer must work and cover all essential aspects. A well-planned and researched article could work wonders for your business.

1. Why is keyword research necessary?

When discussing the importance of keyword research, user discovery is the primary aspect to consider. One should always think from the user’s perspective and what they want to discover. A perfect set of keywords can help your blog reach the targeted audience. It often gives traction with unique website visitors. The blog should balance different keywords pertaining to the primary niche.

To start any keyword research, seed keywords are the best. These keywords are usually small or short-tail with one or two words. An exciting tool called seedkeywords allows you to create a scenario and gives you a set of seed keywords for your project. Use these seed keywords and create your keywords around them. For instance, in the below example, we use the word blog as our seed keyword. Start using the seed keyword with different topics – How to start a blog, optimize my blog, rank my blog, and so on.


2. Benefits of Keyword Research

  • Growth in website’s organic traffic.
  • Higher rankings on search engines.
  • Reduce your site’s bounce rate with a proper set of keywords.
  • Gradual increase in conversions.
  • Stay updated with current trends.
  • Understanding user behavior and insights.
  • Get to know your competitors.
  • It also gives you ideas to curate content.


Bonus Tip – It is difficult to rank for competitive keywords. Go ahead and pick low to medium-competitive keywords. These will help you rank better on search engines. The second and most important tip would be to check Google suggestions. When you type something, it shows results with the most searched content.

3. Recommended Keyword Research Tools

We have compiled some great tools to help you ease the tedious research process. Let’s see how these tools will help you.

  • Semrush – This one needs no introduction! Semrush Magic Keyword Tool helps you with almost 20,000,000 keyword ideas with a single seed keyword! Check the historical data for in-depth analysis, SERP analysis, search volume, keyword difficulty, and many other features.
  • Ubersuggest – Neil Patel introduced this detailed keyword research tool. Ubersuggest allows you to see search volume, paid difficulty, cost per click, and SEO difficulty of any keyword. The best part is that you can even view the related keyword ideas and similar content ideas with the keyword.
  • Google Trends – This free tool by Google analyzes keyword popularity. It is based on geographical area and time period. Choose your area, subregion, and time period for a free analysis. You can even compare two different keywords to see the results. The tool will undoubtedly help you to get the most trending data!
  • Ahrefs – The complete package for all your keyword needs. The paid version lets you get keyword suggestions, keyword volume from 10 different search engines, click metrics, and accurate search volumes—the best keyword tool to level up your search game and rank higher with SEO.
  • Keyword Planner by Google Ads – Set Google Ad Campaigns, and the keyword planner by Google Ads does the job well! It is a free SaaS product by Google. An effortless way to generate keywords based on search engines. Use the free tool to plan all your Google Ads campaigns.


Other keyword research tools worth trying are Keywords Everywhere, Moz, Keywordtool, and KWFinder. What are your favorite keyword research tools?

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