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Music production is the process of creating and recording music. With an in-house sound studio Antriksh helps you create original soundtracks for your marketing materials along with providing a mix of services right from recording, dubbing, foley, sound design, etc. We also direct and guide your sound project in the right direction to help you attain your objectives.


Antriksh offers high-end music production expertise,
tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Music Arranging/Composing

Have a song which requires melodic and harmonious composing? We do it for you in a theme-based and experience-driven manner.

Mixing /Mastering

We balance multiple sound layers within your soundtrack and fine-tune it for the best listening experience as per industry standards.


Background music is required in films, ads, corporate videos, plays; basically every visual medium. We give you the best custom-made background music tracks.


For vocal or instrument recording sessions in our world-class acoustic studio setup! Our setup is also great for foley and dubbing.

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Video Production

Video Production


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