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E-learning is the delivery of educational or training content via electronic media. Antriksh can help you create and deliver e-learning courses or modules that will help your employees, customers, or partners learn about your products or services in an interesting or expedited manner. We use Adobe Captivate and Articulate to create


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Interactive e-modules

Interesting modules along with some application-based activity to reinforce the learnings along the way is a fast way to train people.

LMS Setup

As a company if you want all your training modules in one place, we can create a Learning Management System.

Video modules

Training or process explainer videos combined with interactive questionnaires is also a good option to expedite the training stage.

Content Planning

Creating the content in a streamlined manner for e-learning modules is difficult. We help ease the process with seamless content planning.

Instructional Designing

It is like writing a screenplay for your e-modules – what will be seen while a particular line is seen or heard and in what order.

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Video Production


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