To increase organic reach and inbound queries. VKT has provided services like manufacturing and installing kitchen trolleys, house interior assets, and furniture of all kinds for over 2 decades in various districts of Maharashtra.

But now, driving online reach and inbound queries and a fresh creative approach are required to increase conversions and adhere to the techno-savvy new-age target audience.

What did we do?


Accurate Plan

We created a social media calendar. Later on, we developed teaser videos and creatives with a fresh brand tone.



Qualitative Content

We maintained consistency on their social media despite posting a limited number of monthly posts.



Boosted Revenue

Adoption of a fresh creative approach to appeal to the techno-savvy new-age audience. Boost in sales as a result of increased engagement and inquiries.




  • Improved online reach and inbound queries.

  • Achieved hyperlocal impact in Aurangabad and Marathwada region through Antriksh's association with VKT.

  • Increased online visibility and relatability for VKT.