Skill Lync was looking for a reliable sound studio or partner in Pune. Provide Skill-Lync with a standardized setup to enable their subject matter experts to record courses on niche topics with international-level quality and faster output.

What did we do?


Analyze Brand Needs

Conducted multiple rounds of discussion with Skill-Lync to understand their requirements.


Custom Setup

Analyzed their needs and established an industry-grade standardized setup for them. Offered our expertise and technical assistance for the courses to be produced efficiently.


Professional Sound Environment

Provided the right mic setup and audio settings, room environment, and all the infrastructure required for their subject matter experts to come to our studio and record their courses.


  • Our technical assistance and infrastructure support helped to produce educational content with agile production and the highest quality.

  • Seamless recording experience with a focus on delivering quality educational content.

  • Delivering qualitative content to students globally.