One Pinch is an online e-commerce grocery platform. Create an ad showcasing their unique products and USP in a minute-long live-action ad. Antriksh was approached to handle the entire process.

What did we do?



Understand their brand identity, target audience, and the key message to convey to the end users. After a thorough brainstorming session, we finalized the concept for the ad.


Production Workflow

Despite the pandemic limitations, Antriksh created a compelling ad through virtual collaboration, handling everything from concept to post-production. We worked with local actors to film the ad, adhering to all safety guidelines.


Project goal

We aimed to create a memorable ad highlighting One Pinch’s unique value proposition and products.


  • The ad campaign received a tremendous response on social media platforms.

  • The ad's creative execution and compelling storyline helped establish driving traffic and increase orders through the app.

  • The project was entirely virtual, showcasing the power of collaboration and technology during challenging times.