Namrata Group, a prominent real estate developer in Pune, aimed to boost their online presence and engage with potential property buyers more effectively. The primary objectives were to improve the quality of their site shoots and create a social media calendar with creatives and reels.

What did we do?


Site Shoot Assessment

We spoke to the sales manager and worked closely to understand their projects. Identified USP of each project with scenic views and architectural highlights.


Professional Visuals

Antriksh made sure to do a day shoot to capture stunning visuals that showcased the properties in their best light. Aerial shots to add dimension to the site shoots.


Reels and Creatives

With proper market research, we planned their social media calendar. Engaging and informative reels to provide quick property snapshots.


  • The aerial and overall project shots garnered attention.

  • The project reels helped them in their project brand recall value.