Develop an online presence through social media. Dr. Tayade’s Pathlab had a limited digital presence, relying mainly on physical locations. With the second wave of the pandemic, they struggled to build a solid online presence as people shifted to social media and online information

What did we do?


Action Plan

Detailed monthly action plan in the form of social media calendar. These included all important posts related to the business.


Social Media Setup

Set and manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts. We provided the initial foundation for their online presence.


Proper Expansion

Over a year, we consistently posted educational, informative, and engaging content. Promoted their health packages and services through creative posts and informative reels.


  • Engaging posts resonated with the audience and grew a considerable following.

  • Lab-at-home services gained popularity during the pandemic due to the demand for safe, convenient testing.

  • Expanded our services to manage their YouTube Channel and Google Business Listing.